India that is Bharat – a land where safety is lowest-priority item.

Satyam Naiva Jayati सत्यं नैव जयति

Accidents Galore

(1) January 21 (2017).  The Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express met an accident near Kuneru station in Andhra Pradesh, in which 39 persons were killed and dozens of passengers were injured. It is believed that the railway track was sabotaged by Naxals active in that region. Details can be found, for example, at Times of India website.

(2) Earlier on January 15, Makar Sankrati, a major boat accident took place at Gandhi Ghat in Patna, capital of Bihar. 24 persons, including children and women, were drowned in that accident, and many others had to be admitted in hospitals for their injuries. The boat was overcrowded with passengers and got tilted on one side, causing the fall of passengers into the waters sufficiently deep to drown them. For details see Indian Express of January 16.

(3) On the same day (Makar Sankrati) another accident happened at Ganga Sagar, an…

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