India’s Population Surpasses China’s by 2024 – Should we Rejoice or Regret?

2024 तक भारत की आबादी चीन के बराबर या अधिक हो जायेगी (यू.एन. रिपोर्ट)। इस विषय पर मेरे विचार (आलेख अंग्रेजी में)।

Satyam Naiva Jayati सत्यं नैव जयति

UN Report on World Population

The United Nations (UN) has recently released its report on World Population Prospects.  The report presents a disappointing picture of many Asian and African countries. Regarding India it says:India’s population is likely to exceed that of China by around 2024. When I came across this news item my reaction to it was something like this:

Should we countrymen rejoice on that news, or just regret?

Rejoice? Yes, after that date, we shall be the biggest country on this planet. We shall then be known to be not only the biggest democracy but also population-wise the biggest country. Would not that be a matter of pride for us?

Regret? The country is already riddled with numerous problems. Ever -increasing population is going to add more and more to them. Have we enough resources to solve the population-caused problems? No. Then this population growth must…

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