Why one should opt for NOTA : Its importance in Elections

Satyam Naiva Jayati सत्यं नैव जयति

Independence Day, August 15

My Good Wishes to all Countrymen

This on the Occasion of Independent Day

Voter’s right: Voting for no Candidate

The term NOTA is an acronym for “None Of The above” option available to voters in elections who find no candidate to their satisfaction. The Ballot Paper earlier and Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) now lists, from top to Bottom in some prescribed order, Names and Symbols of all Candidates fighting an Election. One selects the candidate from that list and puts one’s seal (a Cross Mark) against that candidate’s name on Ballot Paper, or one presses the button against that name on the EVM.

“Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961” gives a voter the Right of NOT Voting in favour of any Candidate. But it also states that the number of such “No Votes” would not affect the outcome of the Election Results. That means

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